From the recording AMERICA AND ME



Route 66
Highway 41
Like an old friend
Shaking hands with U.S. 1
I’m a travelin’ man
An American son

Fourth of July
Star spangled eyes
I see this country
Like the Freebird sees the skies
Where there’s a highway
I will ride
This countryside

Between a sailor and the salty sea
Between a climber and a mountain peak
Between a young boy and his backyard tree
That’s what you see…
Between America and Me

Red and white stripes
Star field of blue
These are the colors
Of the American dream come true
Symbol of freedom
For me and you - yeah me and you

For all the mothers
Who’ve lost their sons
The war was over
But the pain can’t be undone
Gave for their country
So don’t forget what they’ve done
Each and every one

From every town
Brothers and sisters
One hundred million proud
Fought for this country
This hallowed ground
They wouldn’t let down

They were sailors to the salty sea
They were climbers to a mountain peak
They were the young boys to their backyard tree
And they believed ……In America and Me