From the recording Say Goodbye, I'm Gone


I said I’m leaving, Todays the day I hit the road
This life’s been teasing me, there’s great things out there so I’m told
I’ve got my freedom, And freedom is the poor man's gold
I ain’t got much to loose, Not much I ain’t already lost.
I’ll take my chances, there’s not a bridge I will not cross.
Now I’ve been cut loose, nothing corrals this wild horse.
Say Goodbye; I’m gone
Hopefully my memory lingers on
Say goodbye; I’m gone
Maybe someday the road will lead me home

Riding with destiny, got no map or master plan.
I’m trading stop for go, Idle for high rev Rpm’s.
After all I’ve been through, I’m sure my friends will understand.
I may call from there, but I don’t know where there might be.
Don’t matter stay or go, either one means loneliness for me.
Don’t know if I’ll be missed, there’s only sure one way to see.
Say goodbye; I’m gone
I’ve been tossed around and beat on like a drum
Say goodbye; I’m gone
It’s time for me to look out for number 1