From the recording STONE COLD COUNTRY


Your at home now
All alone now
You can hardly get the rain out of your eyes
My windshield wipers
Are keeping time with
The sad song we keep livin’ every night
You know I never want to go
But work keeps tearing me from home
It looks like we’ll end up in a fight
Again tonight

It’s four in the mornin’
And it’s still stormin’
As I lie awake in bed so close to you
Are you sleeping?
Could you be dreaming?
I wanna wake you up and say that I love you
The times together seem so few
Believe me baby I hurt too
Sorry we ended in a fight
Again tonight

Again tonight
Again tonight
I can’t stand another sleepless night
Again tonight
I wanna take you in my arms and show
How deep you’re in my soul
And make things right

Before this stormy night is through
Oh girl, I’ll make it up to you
Ain’t gonna end it in a fight
Again tonight
Again tonight